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The Van Ministry is dedicated to transporting those who would not be able to attend Church services or other events due to a lack of transportation.

If you need a ride to church

Text "Ride" to 561-867-3353 and provide the information requested on the digital connection card

or you can

Call the Church Office at 561-588-3341

reservations need to be made during normal Church business hours



  • All passengers must fill out the permission and medical release form. (SEE BELOW)

  • No additional stops will be made; unscheduled and recreational stops are prohibited

  • Passengers must be ready when the van arrives or the van will depart without them  (NOTE: Passengers will have a 5-minute grace period once they are informed that the van has arrived.)

  • Passengers must submit to ALL safety rules

  • All passengers must reserve a spot on time in order to be picked up for service or event

  • Passengers are expected to show respect to the driver at all times

Permission and Medical Release Form

How Can You Help?

Our goal is to have a safe and a positive experience for all participants, drivers, and chaperones and to experience God’s love in this Van Ministry.

We can always use extra drivers and chaperones to ensure we are always ready to serve those in need.


If interested in serving in this ministry contact the church office.

Opportunities for Service in Our Van Ministries

Sunday Worship Service
Mid-Week Prayer and Bible Study - Every Wednesday
Youth Encounter - Every Thursday Night

Various other events and Outreach opportunities

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